Hyderabad Relief and Rehabilitation Trust was established in 1950, with a donation from Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam of Hyderabad for the rehabilitation of the Hyderabadis who had been displaced and were in trying circumstances. Over the years, the Trust has built several charitable and rehabilitation projects.

Hyderabad Trust Osmania Hospital is one of the most successful projects of the Trust which continues to offer services at low or no cost.

The Trust is indebted to the last Nizam (may God grant him Mercy) for his service to mankind through his financial contributions, management and sagacity that benefited tens of millions of people all over the world and particularly in the State of Hyderabad, India and Pakistan. Hyderabadis in particular are keenly aware of the massive contributions of this great man, even though he has not been recognized universally as he should have been.

We would like to enumerate briefly a short history of the magnanimous 7 nizams of Hyderabad and the State of Hyderabad as a monument to their memory.

Mir Osman Ali Khan (Late)

History of Hyderabad

The state of Hyderabad came into being in 1724 after the fall of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. The rulers of Hyderabad were given the title of Nizam. There were 7 Nizams who ruled Hyderabad, from 1724 to 1948,
when the state of Hyderabad was occupied by India.

Nizam ul Mulk Asaf Jah I – Mir Qamaruddin Khan
Founder and first ruler of Asaf Jahi Dynasty
Asaf Jah III – Mir Akbar Ali Khan Sikandar Jah
1803 – 1829
Asaf Jah V – Mir Tahniat Ali Khan Afzal-ud-Daula
1857 – 1869
Asaf Jah VII – Mir Osman Ali Khan
1911 – 1948 and titular nizam
from 1948 until his death in 1967
Last ruler of Asaf Jahi Dynasty

1911 – 1967
Nizamul ul Mulk Asaf Jah II – Nizam Ali Khan
1762 – 1803

Asaf Jah IV – Mir Farkhunda Ali Khan Nasir-ud-Daula
1829 – 1857
Asaf Jah VI – Mir Mahboob Ali Khan
1869 – 1911
Asaf Jah VIII – Mir Barkat Ali Khan Mukarram Jah
Titular nizam 1967 – present