C-ARM For Orthopaedic / Urologist

C-Arm helps Orthopedic Surgeons by providing images during surgery. By using this instrument the implant is placed in the correct place and many complications are avoided. It has now become necessary in almost all orthopedic surgeries. The estimated cost of said machine is Rupees 7 Million.

OPG For Dental Department

An Orthopantomogram or OPG is a special type of X-Ray that takes images of lower face, teeth, jaw joints and maxillary sinuses. The teeth are displayed in a long flat line. This X-Ray is useful to detail the number of teeth as well as their position and growth and is particularly useful to assess teeth that have not yet surfaced. The estimated cost of OPG is Rupees 3 Million.

Portable X-RAY

Portable X-Ray is necessary for the critically ill patients in the ICU or N ICU who cannot be moved to the X-Ray department.The estimated cost of Portable X-Ray unit is 2.5 million.

10 ICU Beds

Ten beds and Ten patients monitor are required for ICU Expedition project.

Solar System of 100 KW

To cut down the high electric bill and diesel generator expenses, it is suggested to place 100kw solar system which would provide cheap electricity. The estimated cost of said system is 15 million.