Following projects completed in March 2023

1- Renovation of Basement.
2- Expansion of ICU
3- Expansion of NICU
To celebrate the completion of said projects, a ceremony was arranged by Management of Hospital on March 19, 2023 in which some awards were also distributed among doctors and staff.

Long Association Award

Long Association Award given to those consultant doctors who have been working with Osmania Hospital since last fifteen years. Following three consultants got this award.
1- Dr. Rozina Yasir (Gynecologist)
2- Dr. Mumtaz Manzoor (General Surgeon)
3- Dr. Rashida Rahim. (Gynecologist)


Special Achievement Award given to those doctors who started their career with Osmania Hospital some years back and also continued the higher studies. Finally get FCPS / MCPS degrees. These doctors are now delivering their services as consultants in Osmania Hospital.
The Management of Osmania Hospital feels proud to give Special Achievement Award
to Dr. Nisha Tabassum and Dr Noor Jahan on holding FCPS and MCPS degree
respectively in Gynecology.


The nursing department of Osmania Hospital consists of qualified and experienced staff. Among them following five persons declared the best nursing staff of Osmania Hospital.
1- Mr. Imran
2- Mr. Muhammad Sheraz
3- Mr. Munwaar Rasool
4- Mr. Muhammad Danish Khan
5- Mr. Yasir Ahmed


Best Services Award given to following persons
1- Dr. Erum Faisal (Sonologist)
2- Ms. Sadia Ashas Shah. (Receptionist)
3- Mr. Muhammad Muzammil. (Receptionist)